Lenovo X230T Tablet PC Review with Windows 8 RP

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IMG_5168 (1024x683)The ThinkPad branding is one that has a strong reputation with respect to reliability and durability. The Lenovo x230t comes from this family in a convertible form factor. This is nothing new as convertible tablet PC’s have been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, they haven’t gained much sales traction outside of niche markets like certain small medical, business and education  fields or self-proclaimed geeks, like me!

The reputation for reliability and form factor are two of the many reasons I chose to purchase this laptop as my last two laptops failed prematurely with little use. Since I’m also headed back to college, I thought it might be nice to use the tablet functionality for taking notes in MS OneNote. And lets not forget, the final version of Windows 8 will be released this October, so having a touchscreen to use with the metro interface is also a nice bonus.